Monday, March 19, 2007


R (Role) - You
A (Audience) - Mr. Hatten, the class and the World Wide Web
F (Format) - Blog
T (Topic) - Your Spring Break and comments about third trimester

Well my sping break was just bursting with loads of fun (it wasn't really all that exciting)! On the first day of spring break i just stayed home and was lazy. Then Saturday I went out to Afton to snowboard with my friends Carolyn and Katy. It was my first time snowboarding ever, because you see I'm a skier and my dad has this thing against snowboarders. I was finally able to convince him to let me learn. Exciting! Katy and Carolyn taught me, I actually caught on pretty fast but only after I fell a couple thousand times. We also cause about an eight person pile up in the tunnel; we didn't go in there again. It was an exciting day. My aunt and uncle from Missouri came to visit. We went to the MOA and to the MN Zoo with them. They left on wednesday. I also slept over at my friend's house and the next day we went to the MOA again. On Saturday I went to see astronaut farmer. It was a really sad movie but it was really good! I guess my spring break was somewhat interesting.
Comments on Third Tri: None as of right now

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