Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Day 3

1. State the Problem: There are too many students in the school.

2. Give evidence:
  • Most teachers fill up every desk in their classroom, and sometimes have to get more.
  • It is hard to get through the hallways because it's so crowded. It takes forever to get out of the circles.
  • The lunchroom is packed. It's hard to find a place to sit.
  • Some kids often get to class late because the halls are so crowded.

3. Examine contributing factors:

  • Not enough schools in the district.
  • Larger than usual grade entering the school. (lots of freshmen and sophomores)

4. Propose a solution: You could build a new high school, you could redraw the district boundaries, you could add additions on to the school or you could make high school only 3 grades instead of 4. (freshmen stay in the middle school)



That is a big problem at Tartan! Nice solution, factors and evidence! Another solution could be to have different passing times for different grades or subjects.

Valentina Y.
Hour 3

MadeFromDust's Drummer said...

i mean very good work!
you provide lots of good evidence and a good and possible solution!
this is great yo!


Nate Vang
3erd Hour